Join us at our Women’s Council Monthly General Meeting as we discuss Women’s Week, community issues and welcome guest speakers, Tasha Huston and Tonia Askins.

When Life Gives Lemons, Make Lemonade!
Have you been struggling to understand the path your life has taken? Have you ever experienced a sudden change and had to adjust to the “new normal” faster than you imagined? Have you tried new things but still feel deeply attached to the old? Intrinsic Shift explains why change, no matter how big or small, is our greatest fear. It’s because change pushes us into the wilderness of the realm outside our comfort zones.

Tasha Huston in perhaps one of the most major shifts of her life, speaks candidly about how to go through your darkest hour and what a delightful surprise awaits you at the end of it. By identifying eleven key attributes of a shift, she sets you on a fiery exploration of why life shifts happen, how to handle them when they come, and the best way to make sure your shift happens gracefully.

It is our continued goal to connect, promote and empower women.

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