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July 2017

Remote Corners with Photographer Jami Taris

Thursday, July 13th 6:30 pm

The Backpacker Baton Rouge

Living in Santa Fe New Mexico, professional wildlife and conservation photographer Jami Tarris will join us on an exciting adventure in the field of photographing wildlife and landscapes in remote corners around the world. Published worldwide in books, calendars, galleries, newspapers and magazines such as National Geographic, Africa Geographic, Outdoor, Outside, Geo, BBC and many more, Jami will talk to us about her life as a professional nature photographer and take us behind the scenes. She will share intimate details on how to survive in the bush, real-life daily encounters with wildlife, and the challenges she and her husband face while being isolated months at a time.

Do you want to know how National Geographic photographers really get their shots? Join us for an entertaining and educational evening that will inspire you to get back to nature.

Dances of Peace

Dances of Peace

An event of healing and celebration for our community…
Dances of Peace is the Spirit in Motion
with sacred phrases, scripture and poetry from many cultures and faiths, this dance is a living experience of Unity, Peace and Integration. Our true nature, living in universal peace, ops avenues for deep spiritual reawakening within each of us.


July 30th, 2017

1:00 pm to 3 pmish

Unity Baton Rouge - 15255 Jefferson Hwy., Baton Rouge, La

Refreshments and snacks are provided.
Anyone wanting to make a donation is welcome to do so.

For more information-call Elizabeth at 225-362-2511 05 Unity BR 225-755-3043

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